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Stand With Cindy In Protecting
Abortion Rights

Read how Cindy has led on Reproductive Health. 

  • The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to give Planned Parenthood Mar Monte $3 million to expand services, renovate its clinics and create a telehealth behavioral health program—anticipating an increase in out-of-state patients who will be unable to receive reproductive health services where they live. 

  • Cindy helped lead a nationwide coalition to fight the Trump Administration’s efforts to roll back women’s access to cost-free contraception. 

  • Cindy worked with District Attorney Jeff Rosen to make Santa Clara County a national model for tracking down rapists by quickly processing their DNA

  • Cindy pushed for an ordinance to ensure access to parental leave and related benefits for County Executive Managers. On November 20, 2018, the Board adopted an ordinance adding a provision affording maternity and paternity leave for employees in County of Santa Clara in unrepresented executive leadership positions.

Protect Reproductive Rights.
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